Friday, October 18, 2013

Interior Lighting for the Ceiling

It is time to address the home for a moment. Most people have table lamps somewhere in their homes, many people have fixtures hanging from their ceilings.

I have an office room that I have painted yellow. The current ceiling light is a gold and white ceiling fan with a single bulb (60 watt) within a fluted glass dome. this doesn't give much light for the desk when it is dark, so I have a desk lamp too.

I am thinking that this new pendant light might work (it will take 100 watt bulb). The shades come in choices of polyester, rice paper, or linen (this choice may also affect the amount of light that gets to the desk). 
Here is a selection of other Pendant Lights from the shopkeepers at Zazzle. These all seem as if they will allow light through in all directions, not just down and up.

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To see all of the lighting available from Zazzle shops click

Pendant Lamps or Table Lamps

Friday, September 27, 2013

Elegant Tableware for the Holidays

Time to think of the coming holiday season. This is a time for parties and family gatherings. A time to dress up ourselves and our tables.

One of the most important items on a celebratory table is a plate. Below are some suggestions for Holiday (or other elegant event) tableware.

Here is a simple Christmas design with green holly on a red edge.

This is a simple cornucopia on a yellow rim. This would be appropriate for a Thanksgiving dinner, or any Autumn event. 

Here we have simple graphic snowflakes in white on a dark blue edge. Perfect for any event during the winter. 

Below are more elegantly designed plates from various vendors at Zazzle. These would be appropriate for any time of the year.

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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Corporate Holiday Gifts

It is not too early to think about gifts for corporate giving in the upcoming holiday season. This is a time to acknowledge customer loyalty, employee efforts, and just to send that special Holiday Greeting.

A new introduction to the Zazzle line are candy tins in various shapes (even a small glass Apothecary jar). These containers come filled with jelly beans, in your choice of flavors, from major confectioner. Quantity discounts are offered for as few as 10 items. 

So view the following selection or click here to check out all of the containers available

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