Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Decorations in the street

Manhole covers - one does not often think about them. One might look down while walking in the city and feeling a blast of warm air come up from the ground. There, at your feet is a large iron "lid" covering access to the dark inner workings of the city.

You might also become aware of these everyday items, if a storm causes one to burst out of the street from water pressure, or an electrical explosion forces one into the air - these sometimes make the evening news.  I thought that this cover was quite ornate - different ...

Then I did a search for manhole magnet on Zazzle ... AMAZING !!!

Prague Coat of Arms Sewer Cover MagnetPrague Coat of Arms Sewer Cover Magnet

Manhole Street Photo Refrigerator MagnetManhole Street Photo Refrigerator Magnet

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