Monday, December 8, 2014

Identify Your Items Among the Many

Whether you are at home, or in the office, keeping track of your possessions is sometimes difficult.

You have a special mug that you use for your coffee/tea at your desk. Sometimes you take it into a conference room and might leave it behind. Perhaps you use the housekeeping services to have the mug cleaned, and it gets put on the shelf with dozens of others.

Your keys have a mind of their own and wander off of the table you left them on (no really ... this happens). Your room-mate also has this problem. How do you know which keys are yours?

Many items can be misplaced and the owner is not easily identified when you are considering larger groups of people in the area. The solution? Mark your property. Put your name on it, use your initial/s. Below are some of the items that are customizable from B K Muir Graphic Products

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